The National Office of Railways (ONCF), established by Dahir n°1-63-225 on August 5, 1963, is a Public Industrial and Commercial Establishment (EPIC) with legal personality and financial autonomy. Its mission is to ensure the railway transport of passengers and goods with the highest standards of safety, security, comfort, punctuality, and sustainable development. Its responsibilities include:

  1. Operating the national railway network.
  2. Planning, constructing, and operating new railway lines.
  3. Managing businesses related to the Office’s mission, directly or indirectly.

The ONCF primarily focuses on managing railway infrastructure and providing passenger and freight transportation services, acting as an integrated part of the logistics chain. Additionally, it contributes to urban rail transport activities and offers complementary services that strengthen its main purpose.

The ONCF plays a central role in modernizing Morocco, evident in the rapid transformations in the railway sector. Its driving force is the ambition to become the leading transport provider for citizens.

To support this ambition, the ONCF invests significantly, resulting in a threefold increase in passenger numbers and a 30% rise in freight transportation over the past 15 years.

Concours de Recrutement ONCF 2023

L’Office National des Chemins de Fer ONCF organise un concours pour le recrutement de 474 postes au titre de l’année 2023 répartis comme suit:

(396) Techniciens spécialisés techniques.
(7) Techniciens spécialisés supports.
(41) Licences professionnelles supports.
(30) Licences professionnelles techniques.

Le dernier délai pour postuler est le 15 Aout 2023.

Le concours aura lieu le 3 Septembre 2023.

(396) Techniciens spécialisés techniques

(7) Techniciens spécialisés supports

(41) Licences professionnelles supports

(30) Licences professionnelles techniques

Lien pour postuler au Concours ONCF 2023: